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Shea Butter for Hair Growth: Homemade Hair Growth Recipe

Shea Butter for Hair Growth-How African Shea Butter Is Made

OMG ! Who knew?? First if you didn’t know let me just say that the work which goes into making Organic Shea Butter is beyond anything I expected. So respect to those African sisters who handle this back breaking labor to give us the beloved Shea butter we’ll use to whip up a homemade hair growth recipe.

1) Shea Butter comes from a nut tree in Africa, Nuts are only gathered once they are ripe as in on the ground. Nuts on the tree are not picked as the nut will not produce enough oil if it is not fully ripened.

2). Once these golf ball size nuts are gathered from the ground they are set out in the sun to dry, This process takes approximately one week. Once dry any nuts which have germinated are separated and can be used for soap.

3) The nuts are then peeled washed and boiled, There was a time when the nuts were smoked however to eliminate the smokey smell from the Shea Butter now they are roasted lightly after being crushed.

4). The next step is to grind the nuts in a grinding machine and roast again to prepare for the milling machine which presses out the oil into a thick creamy brown liquid.

5). The liquid is then hand kneaded for approximately two hours, this process gives us the ivory or off white butter we so love.

Shea Butter for Hair Growth- Benefits of Shea Butter On Natural Hair

Ok Curlfriends I have explained the process of developing an Organic Shea Butter mix, Now lets discuss some of the benefits of shea butter for hair growth. First it makes a great DC for our hair, the recipe below is not recommended for an overnight DC it can be a beast to wash out the next day and produces the best results if applied on wet hair which has not been towel dried.

Homemade Hair Growth Recipe Ingredients

Shea Butter
Plain Greek Yogurt
Plastic Cap or Bag

Homemade Hair Growth Recipe- Instructions for Whipped Shea Butter Hair Recipe

Mix 1 cup Shea Butter
2 tbsp EVOO
1tsp Honey
2 tsp Greek Yogurt

Homemade Hair Growth Recipe-Tips for Application of Shea Butter Mix

I find that parting my hair into four sections is the best way for me to do the application, I do not part with a comb because I just don’t use combs on my hair but do whatever works for you. Once applied put your plastic cap or tie your bag on, then wrap with a towel and leave in for 30 minutes to an hour.

If you are using a hooded dryer for your DC you will want to cut the time to about 15 – 30 minutes. Then rinse out and VOILA! You have a great inexpensive shea butter hair DC (deep conditioner) that will make your hair soft and more importantly moisturized.

Okay, folks! Those are Fancy’s tips/recipe for how to use shea butter for hair growth!

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