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You Tried WHAT To Achieve Hair Growth ?

Alright Curlies & Dolls, I understand wanting to get your naturanessl to lengths the god’s would be envious of. I understand being willing to try certain things that sort of go against the grain if you will. But baaaaabbbbeeeeyyy if you trying one of these you are to Fancy for me okay ?

First up Cooter Cream, Fancy hole up hole up . . . Did you say Cooter Cream !? Yes I said Cooter Cream now hang in there with me on this one.

Apparently there are thousands of women using cooter cream to grow their hair. By mixing it with whatever product they use for greasing the scalp. They just load the plunger and plop it right into the jar of styler or hair dress and stir. Another way folks are using the Cooter Cream is by adding it to their water bottle, Simply putting whatever leave in along with water and Cooter Cream and using it to moisturize and refresh their hair.

Ahhem . . . Ok so yah I am talking about Monistat there are two that seem to be very popular with those who practice its use. Monistat3 which is the stronger coming in at 4% Miconazole Nitrate, The other is Monistat7 coming in at 2% Miconazole Nitrate.  Now I am not sure who was sitting around one day and said AYE ! You know what ? Imma gone head and apply this to my hair ! I mean with it being safe to put in a babies mouth for treatment of thrush, clearing Ringworm, Yeast infections and all sorts of fungus, This Just Might Grow My Hair ! yeah dolls I dont know what kind of mind does it but apparently it works. There are several vloggers who swear by it and show their results. and I am happy for those individuals. Fancy will pass on the side effects of the migraines, ringing ears, burning in the areas it was applied and the hair shedding yes yall can keep all of that.



HUH ??? in my Kanye West voice

So yassss if you are in London in an upscale salon and want a deep conditioning protein treatment. You will have the uuuuhhhh experience ? of having them bring out a straw which has been refrigerated that is full of BS – Bull Semen.

The sperm is applied as any normal conditioning treatment to the hair, you are placed under a hooded dryer cause you know we need penetration . . . WAIT ! Anyway the treatment is colorless, odorless and very expensive. Producing soft shiny thicker hair. Apparently there are no side effect with this one all except the BLEERRCH Factor !!

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair

Ok Sugar Lumps, what is the deal with mineral oil? Why are folks hatin’ on mineral oil?

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair: What’s All the Fuss About?

You know what I’m gonna say, right? Do what works for your hair chiiiile! And my cousin Fit is going to tell you the same thing. Our blog posts are not to give you the Bible on ways to do your natural hair but instead to provide information and give you choices. Taking the natural hair journey can get so overwhelming because of information overload. Please believe I was there but you have to keep it simple, ladies. You have to take one step at a time, one product at a time and one blog post at a time LOL.

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair: Some Naturals Say “No Thanks”

There are some naturals who will totally FLASH OUT on you if come near them with mineral oil, even though a lot of commercial lotions and facial creams we use contain mineral oil. The uproar is over it being in natural hair products. Miss Jessie’s has includes mineral oil in its products and of course that’s why some naturals choose not to use them. But WHY? What it is really goin’ on with the mineral oil, y’all? Well it turns out that the reasons folks have for not wanting mineral oil on their natural tresses are valid:

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair: Reasons Some Naturals Skip It

1. It dries the hair out
2. If you are doing a no-poo regimen it won’t work (again, due to drying)
3. It is not a humectant (doesn’t pull water in from the air)                                                                                                                                       4. Possibly contaminated with carcinogens                                                                                                               5. And girl did I say it can dry your hair out?

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair: Can I Use It to Seal Moisture?

Mkay so like any oil,  you can use it as a sealer but your hair will need to be ultra wet beforehand  in order for the drying effects to be minimized.  With the harsh Winter months upon us (when the air is dry) you definitely want to take your climate into consideration if you choose to use mineral oil. The carcinogens which are found in this oil is the real problem for naturals.

The very reason some of us took the natural journey was after learning that chemicals found in relaxers cause cancer. Why then would we apply an oil that can cause cancer? Now y’all, I don’t know the dosage or exposure level it is going to take before you have any kind of ill effects from using mineral oil.

Mineral Oil & Natural Hair: Will It Cause Cancer?

Some people may use mineral oil and not have harmful effects at all. The human body is just fly like that. It is an individual’s choice to move forward with using mineral oil or avoid it all together. If you so choose to use it you would apply it the same as you would any of your other oils keeping in mind the possible effects discussed here.

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